Assortments of different alcoholic beverages.

Week 2

Sunset Luxury Limousine is “Up for whatever”!!! Denver’s hard rock station KBPI turned Fridays into the most active days of the week two weeks in a row!! This week Sunset showed up in one of Denver’s Best Limos and visited Liquid Descents Rafting and Rome’s Sports Bar in Denver!

Winners from the contest were picked up in the Sunset Limo Sports bus to whisked away to Liquid Descents Rafting Liquid Descent Rafting in Idaho Springs for some wet and wild fun! After the excitement of the Clear Creek River the bus went to Rome’s Sports Bar in Denver for some drinks! The best Denver Limo Company Sunset Limo. Be “Up for Whatever” next week on our Party Bus. Treat yourself and your friends to a up for whatever weekend in a Sunset Limo!

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