Assortments of different alcoholic beverages.

Week 1

In the first week of being “Up for whatever”  Sunset Limousine and Willie B of KBPI want to take some lucky listeners on an exclusive adventure! It could be anything from a night out on the town, to a massive cruise in one of Willie’s hot rods, only Willie knows. Our first week we met Willie B and KBPI at 1 UP for some free games and great drinks! 

10 winners were “Up for whatever” and The Sunset Limo Suite rolled out to the Bluebird Theater to a meet and greet for I Prevail  where they winners introduced the band!!! I Prevail has visited Colorado not once but Twice in two weeks!! That goes to Show That Colorado are huge Fans of this group! Then after that the Sunset Limo Suite cruised over to the Fillmore where the winners watched All That Remains!!!  All that remains ended the night for these “Up For Whatever” goers! Are you “Up for Whatever” if so come to the best limousine company in Denver and be “Up for Whatever” in one of the best limos in Denver! Voted The Best Denver Limo company in Colorado!

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