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Week 1

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In the first week of being “Up for whatever”  Sunset Limousine and Willie B of KBPI want to take some lucky listeners on an exclusive adventure! It could be anything from a night out on the town, to a massive cruise in one of Willie’s hot rods, only Willie knows. Our first week we met Willie B and KBPI at 1 UP for some free games and great drinks! 
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Week 2

Kayaking group
Sunset Luxury Limousine is “Up for whatever”!!! Denver’s hard rock station KBPI turned Fridays into the most active days of the week two weeks in a row!! This week Sunset showed up in one of Denver’s Best Limos and visited Liquid Descents Rafting and Rome’s Sports Bar in Denver!
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Week 3

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Week 3 of the Up For Whatever challenge with KBPI and Willie B take 16 fans on a unknown trip through Denver. The number one limo company in Denver was there for whatever. Sunset Limo is always up for what is next. Watch the video and the KBPI fans take on Willie B at Unser Racing then go to Elicth’s for some fun in the sun!
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