Infiniti QX80 Stretch Limousine

Our Newest SUV Limo, Reserve Early!

All of our SUV limos are something special – but this is something else. Nobody will fail to notice you turning up in this brand new, state of the art, automotive masterpiece. Seating up to 20 in wedding white, it’s everything you could imagine a limousine could be: comfortable, luxurious, prestigious, stylish and swift. This is due to arrive in the next couple of months – get your orders in!

Infiniti QX80 Limo Features & Specifications

  • Seats up to 20 passengers.
  • White exterior, luxury trimmed interior
  • Gullwing 5th door
  • LED Multiscreen
  • Smartphone Sound System
  • LED illuminated floors & ceilings
  • External lighting
  • Full beverage bar (adult drinks available on request).

Call (303) 426-9668 to  inquire about our newest luxury limo.

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