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Not a Denver Party Bus

Beware of Retired Buses Surfacing in Denver

If the bus doesn’t look good how safe do you think it is? Other limo companies may offer the most affordable Party Buses in Denver compared to Sunset Limos, but their buses are mostly “backyard” creations: refurbished junkers, old RTD shuttles and unsafe motor coaches. Sunset Limos charges more because they only offer the highest quality and safest Party Buses and Shuttles in Denver. We will not drive our clients in unsafe “backyard” buses.

Here are some examples of buses you get with other companies:


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Sunset Limos Professionally Built Premier Party Buses

Compare this to our vast fleet of luxury Party Buses and ask yourself what you would rather be seen riding around Denver in?

Sunset Limos focuses on quality and safety; we purchase only new and professionally built limo and shuttle buses and will never drive our clients around in an unsafe backyard project.

We are the only company that has had all of its vehicles inspected by the DOT and we are the only limousine company that is DOT compliant and DOT certified. We also have an open house Sunday-Friday. We do not “bait and switch” the car you reserve is the car you will get. Should the vehicle you choose have mechanical issues you will be given the same type of vehicle or upgraded to a larger vehicle at no additional cost to you.

Sunset Limos: home of the best Party Bus rentals in the Mile High City!